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The only ALL-NATURAL and sugar-free Bad Breath tablet on the market that delivers immediate fresh Breath and long-term benefits.

All Natural, Herbal

Our patent-pending formula and delivery system provides powerful Inside-Out Freshness. InFresh tablets contain the revolutionary and Formula Seven, a proprietary blend of herbs that have been clinically proven to help freshen breath, kill odor-causing bacteria, improve digestion and improve body odor.

Bad Breath or Halitosis is a serious problem. You need a seriously strong solution. InFresh is not candy; it is a powerful herbal formula that works from the inside out and taste great.

Most people develop bad breath due to bad eating habits. The hormones, pesticides and GMOs in the food we eat everyday also contribute to the problem. Halitosis affects every human being in varying degrees. The chronic or severe levels affect some 25% to 35% of the population.

For years, pharmaceutical companies and companies that sell oral-care products have spent billions of dollars trying to convince the public that bad breath is only in the mouth and can be cured by brushing your teeth, scraping your tongue and using their chemical-based toothpastes and mouthwashes. The reality is that a person with halitosis cannot get rid of the problem by using any mouthwash, toothpaste or scrapping the tongue. Oral hygiene helps but does not solve the problem and some of the mouthwashes and toothpastes contain dangerous chemicals and alcohols. The problem comes from the inside and it is generated in the digestive system.

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Gum, candy, Altoids, and other mints only mask the problem temporarily with SUGAR

Poor digestion, constipation, consumption of fried, processed, frozen and unhealthy fast food will give you bad breath and awful body odor.

What if I had to take Prednisone on, on Friday, to just pick me up for the whole day? That's all I need - just one day of reduced inflammation.

The best natural cure for bad breath is a healthy diet and chewing certain edible herbs. That sounds easy, but in reality no one has the time to do this. InFresh is an all-natural, herbal chewable tablet made with herbs like Parsley, Mint, Alfalfa and others and eliminates bad breath from the inside out while providing long term benefits like improved digestion. It also eliminates constipation if taken regularly.

Don’t wait until that embarrassing moment comes. Take InFresh at least 3 times a day to maintain Fresh and Healthy breath and pleasant body smell. The ingredients in InFresh contain natural, herbal antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to neutralize toxins and pollutants you ingest daily. InFresh act as a natural deodorizer and is a recommended supplement to fight halitosis from the Inside-Out. Patent-pending Formula Seven, the formula contained in InFresh, is a perfect blend of rich greens that allows you to gain the breath-freshening benefits delivered directly to your system.

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